What is Engineer.Info and what is the purpose of this website?
The Engineer.Info website provides the best resource for the engineer of any discipline to find employment information. Job listings from all job sites, newspapers, associations, company career pages, and other sources are retrieved and displayed in real time. Engineer.Info searches through millions of jobs from thousands of websites including Monster, Careerbuilder, Hotjobs, Net-temps, and Dice. There is no need to use any other resource to find engineer jobs.  
Can I search for jobs in other fields besides engineering?
It is recommended that you use our sister site Job Source to search for jobs other then engineering.
What is "My Jobs" and how does it work?
The "My Jobs" allows you to enter up six separate job search criteria. There are different keywords associated with each engineering discipline. For Example a Civil Engineer looking for jobs may search for "Civil engineer", "Transportation Engineer", and "Bridge Engineer". A Electrical Engineer may search for "Electrical Engineer", "Controls Engineer", and "Manufacturing Engineer".   After entering your search criteria in My Jobs the latest jobs matching each of your searches will automatically display every time you re-visit Engineer.Info. The "My Jobs" uses cookies stored on your computer to remember and display your job listings.
What is the best way to search for engineering jobs including Entry-Level and Co-Op positions?
Use terms such as "Electrical Engineer" or "Electrical Engineering". For Entry-Level & Co-Op jobs use terms such as "Entry Level Electrical Engineer" and "Co-Op Electrical Engineer". 
How do I post my resume?   How do I post a job?
You can display your job(s) on Engineer.info by posting to other existing websites. Since we are focused entirely on engineering, we recommend posting your job(s) AND resume(s) to the Engineering Central website. We also recommend posting to other job sites in addition to Engineering Central for maximum exposure. If you would like your job to be displayed on the "My Jobs" page and the right hand side of the "Home" page search results you must follow these steps:

1. Post a job at another existing website such as Engineering Central.

2. Create an account and follow the steps at https://ads.indeed.com/.

Is Engineer.Info going to limit itself to display only jobs to engineers? If not what is in the future?
The Engineer.Info website is not limited to displaying jobs. Employment information is probably the most popular form of information the engineer seeks on the internet.  We will continue to expand this website and provide more useful information to engineers. Some of our future plans include providing detailed product information, allowing engineers to create their own web logs (blogs), and providing a "my space" type of environment where specific groups and teams can collaborate in real-time. We would like to here your suggestions. Please submit any suggestion here.      

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